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My name is Pastor B. Veeranna from Hyderabad. God blessed with two children one beautiful wife. Right from my childhood, I grew up amongst in numerable superstitious beliefs of the Banjara Tribal, and God has called me and saved me in 1992.   In my family we three brother, one sister, three brother were died because of poor facilities and disease at the age of 5,7,10, but one sister and myself are saved.  Our family was living in darkness, my father is drunkard and chain smoker my mother was pagan worshiper and used to possess by devils and used to enchantments and tell the wizard, (tell the future things).  But from my childhood I hated idol worship, but when my parents enrolled me in the Christian school, believing it would give me a good education, I felt uncomfortable there to I was so zealously opposed to Christian beliefs and disgusted with the atmosphere there – as well as distraught in failing the tenth grade – that I chopped up poisonous lizards and added them to a meal the students were being served. Nothing happened! I then tried to kill myself by eating the lizards. Again, nothing happened. Later, when a traveling evangelist came to my village, he presented me a New Testament and other book called “The end of the Age”, when I was going through those two books my heart was struck with a question that “if I die where would I spend eternity?  Slowly I tried to find answer by reading Bible and understood my state of living and was convicted of my sins and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord. Now, I have got the hope, which is blessed hope to live with Christ forever and ever. .  As I was growing up in the fellowship with the Lord, that was in 1997. As time went on, I sensed God’s calling, especially in words of the prophet Jeremiah 1:4-10 “I realized that He was anointing me to serve Banjara people. But I said to Him, ‘God, I am young I do not know how to present you love to our tribal people.’” After much prayer I enrolled in Bible Collage at Hyderabad. Where I obtained B.Th. degree the year of 2000.   He put burden in my heart to serve Him in the full-time ministry in 2009. We started Ministry called ““Serve to Save Ministries” is (Trust) Recognized by Government of A.P, India, mainly concentrated on the Gospel and Social development activities which we are doing among the interior unreached rural & tribal areas. 

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Pray for the success of the gospel as it is being preached by Pastor Paul in India! Pray for God to move mightily in India. Pray that the Lord will use Serve to Save Ministries in mighty ways!

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