King’s Church of Vellore

WE Harvest partners with Pastor Ramesh and his wife Radha of King’s Church of Vellore and many other churches in Vellore to do the work of the gospel in India. The vision of King’s Church is as follows:

King’s Church Vision

Provide Free Tuition Centre for the Children who are poor and Orphans. 

Organize a Bible Training Centre.

Organize a Training Centre for the Children of GOD to go and make disciples. After training they will go plant Churches throughout India. 

Organize a Computer Centre for the Poor and the Orphan children to motivate them of their future to stand on their own leg. 

Organize a Tailoring center for widows who lost their husband, and they are struggling to run their family having their children. For their lives we plan to run a tailoring center or to run a small provision shop.

Organize an old age home to provide food, dress, and care.

Organize a Transgender Ministry. They are forsaken by the public and we plan to bring them to Christ and make them disciples. 

Pastor Ramesh of King’s Church of Vellore

Prayer Points

Pray for the success of the gospel as it is being preached by Pastor Ramesh in India! Pray for God to move mightily in India. Pray that the Lord will use King’s Church of Vellore in mighty ways!

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